Luton at Night

Few hours after the University of Luton Welcome Barbecue, Eero and me we went for a stroll to the town. Eero is an Estonian guy who's doing computing as well as I do. We spent more than an hour chatting and taking photos. I took several pictures using my handy tripod. Later at night I was surprised by their quaility, so check them out! ;-)

We're looking at the junction by the Student Centre. I live few metres from that centre, in College House, Room G1.
Photo #1
Well, this is a street between Saint Mary's Church and one entrance to the Arndale Shopping Centre.
Photo #2
Yes, this one's a lovely picture, Saint Mary's Church by the moonlight. I reckon this is the best one I took that night.
Photo #3
This junction seems to be the main junction in Luton. There's a roundabout, another entrance to Arndale next to it and a bus stop. George Street Campus also starts here.
Photo #4
And that's the George Street Campus. Arndale is on the right, town hall in front of you.
Photo #5
This should be a kind of square I quess. Well, not very interesting...
Photo #6
Now we're closer to the town hall. As it's one o'clock in the morning, no one's in the streets. During day it's pretty different.
Photo #7
A closer look at the town hall and buildings around it. If you go to the right, you'll get to the 3rd Arndale's entrance.
Photo #8
This image is not very sharp as you can see. Colors are OK but my camera's autofocus simply failed... ;-)
Photo #9
Down the road from the Rutland Hall to the Student Centre. Again fuzzy a little.
Photo #10
Now we're standing in the roundabout next to the Student Centre looking at the College House in the distance. Another great picture I think.
Photo #11
Back in my room in College House looking backward at the roundabout where we were standing while ago.
Photo #12