The Quiz Night

This Quiz Night took place in the Student Union on Sunday 17th during the International Induction Week. We had the opportunity to get free fish and chips – a typical British meal. Free food => many students are coming.

It all started at seven o'clock in the evening. Our dinner was late so with grouped into several teams of 10 people each. Every team had to be international, max. 2 student of same nationality. The task was to answer correctly all the quiz questions. Many of them were rather easy but other were pretty tought. I think we ended on the 3rd place, I'm not sure.

Fish and chips arrived shortly after the quiz. I spent long time eating it as I was chatting with one PhD student and Carsten Maple, head of Department of Computing and Information Systems. He introduced me to a PhD student who's been to the Czech Republic. We talked a lot about Czech beer, girls and other interesting topics.

Later at night I joined the "Mummy and Daddy" competition. I should be grateful to Marianna who talked me into joining because we won that competition! The task was simple – to wrap your mate into a toilet paper from top to toe. Well, let's now have a look at those pictures!

About seven o'clock in the evening, everyone can't wait to get into the Student Union.
Photo #1
All these students are definitely starving, waiting for the food to come. I forgot to mention that we had one free drink.
Photo #2
Detail on university staff having fun/chat/whatever...
Photo #3
Some of my friends discussing various topics in different languages. Can you see that mess? Disgusting...
Photo #4
Now look at the first mummy in the first round of the competition. We went to the second round and get to the final. We won 2 tickets to the Galaxy Cinema.
Photo #5
Let's check the bar and its staff now. It's very different from the Ferry Boat Inn where I was working during the summer holidays.
Photo #6
That's the bar after the party finished. I was surprisingly almost the last one to leave.
Photo #7
Only the mess and two other students remain. It's time to go to bed...
Photo #8