This web site is intended to be a kind of weblog from Luton, a British town where I am studying at the university right now. I am doing Level 2 of a course called Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Department of Computing and Information Systems.

I'd like to use this weblog to publish some photos, share my experiences and hopefully discuss my problems and other things with all of you. I've decided to present all the texts in English to practise English a little bit and also make this weblog readable by all my friends here in Luton. I hope you'll like it.

Please let me know if you think there's something missing on the site or if you think it should be improved somehow. Also let me know if you find any bugs, incorrect spelling or any Czenglish phrases. Thanks a lot.


Latest News

27th April 2005

Have look at some pictures from my trip to High Wycombe...

13th April 2005

I've added some photos from my flight "home"...

12th March 2005

You can finally see the pictures I took last semestr in College House. It was a long time ago, but it cannot be missed out...

2nd March 2005

Today, I've added some new photos. If you don't beleive, that it might be snowing in the UK, check the other photos...

23rd February 2005

I've just uploaded two videos you might be interested in. In the first one, you can explore the College House (16.3 MB) with me. The second one documents snowing in Luton (0.2 MB). You need DivX codec to play both videos.

19th February 2005

Finally some new photos from our "lovely" College House... And one good thing! I'm planning to shoot some videos down here in Luton (and at the Uni) and present them on my website!

13th January 2005

We've got really nice weather I have to admit... ;-)

12th January 2005

I'm back! You can check what has (or hasn't) changed in my room...

25th November 2004

Let's have a look at some new photos from London.

23rd November 2004

I've just added some other photos...

18th November 2004

Today, an unexpected event occurred... It was snowing!!! :-)

8th November 2004

I've just finished another article that deals with studying at the University of Luton. I'm afraid you'll be very disappointed after you read this article. But you should read it anyway...

4th November 2004

Hello again, I've just published a first article that has been placed into the Experience(s) section. It is some kind of sum-up of my experiences from College House where I live. Hope you will like it, please let me know in the discussion...

3rd November 2004

Description and comments for all the most recent images are now available...

2nd November 2004

From now on you can have a look at images from the International Student Party that took place on Friday the 29th in October. Description and comments are on the way... ;-)

1st November 2004

I've just added photos of the university. Description and comments will be, hopefully, available tomorrow. There are also some new pictures in the other photos. I've caught the impression of a movie night at Chaplaincy...

30th October 2004

I'm glad to announce that I've just finished my first assignment called "Using Search Algorithms to Solve the 8-Puzzle". You can find the result at http://files.yanas.cz/, files osmicka.exe and solver.exe. The most interesting feature of the program osmicka.exe is the menu command Solve...

... and I wish Merry Xmas to everybody! No, I'm not mad, remember that 30 Oct = 24 Dec... ;-) Thanks to Ezechiell for this joke.

26th October 2004

From now on you should be able to use Discussion to share your opinions with me and other weblog readers. So don't waste your time here and check it out immediately! ;-)

20th October 2004

I've just finished comments and description for photos uploaded yesterday. Hope you'll like them.

19th October 2004

I'm really sorry I haven't published any photos or experiences for such a long time. I'm terribly busy right now but 2 minutes before midnight I managed to process photos from Oxford and Club LA. Unfortunately I'm still working on photos' description so please be patient...

8th October 2004

I've just found a job in a night club called Club LA! I work there only two times a week but at least I can earn some money. I'll tell you more about this job as soon as possible.

4th October 2004

I strongly recommend checking out today's photos in Other gallery!

2nd October 2004

Let's do the weekend shopping in the Arndale!

1st October 2004

Enjoy a guided tour of the College House and then join us at the Quiz Night.

29th September 2004

Check out pictures from our barbecue and also look how does Luton look like at night.

28th September 2004

I've just added photos from Cambridge.

27th September 2004

You can have a look at first photos in the photo section called Journey.