Trip to London

Approximately two weeks ago I went to London to visit my friends. First I visited Bettina Schroeder, an artist I met during my stay in Devon. She took to me to some kind of exhibition which was rather odd but it was still better than sitting at home. Then we had a short chat and some dinner.

Next day on Friday I got up at about half past eleven. We did some shopping, had a quick lunch and after that I left. I met another friend who is studying English in London and also works as a baby-sitter. We had a long stroll in two London parks and then I had to go back to Luton to work...

Some kind of monument in the middle of Regents Park.
Photo #1
Well, what comment shall I stick here? It's a nice place located in the Regents Park.
Photo #2
Then we got to a bridge across the river or what it is...
Photo #3
... and some guy was feeding birds and ducks. It was quite interesting.
Photo #4
We're slowly approaching the "second end" of the park. You can see how far we are from first buildings.
Photo #5
Yes, you should also have a look at the boats. I'm afraid no one uses them, at least we haven't seen anyone.
Photo #6
Wow, this is my favourite one! A beatiful autumn image...
Photo #7
This small house by the river/lake/pond is probably for boat hiring.
Photo #8
As we went on, we saw bigger birds simply walking before us!
Photo #9
They were also by the river bank and in the water. It was really unussual...
Photo #10
Detail on a nice villa on the other bank of the river. I'd really like to have a similar one.
Photo #11
Another one of my favourite shots -- ducks. :-)
Photo #12
And one big black swan for everyone.
Photo #13
The big duck (or whatever it is) didn't want to look at me! But you can check its back...
Photo #14
Again the second bank of the river. It's not as interesting as the villa before but why not.
Photo #15
Oh my god... What the hell is going on here?
Photo #16
It seems that these birds are not afraid of anyone. They're like pigeons in Venice...
Photo #17
Oh, now I see... It's feeding time... :-)
Photo #18
... and it's getting worse and worse. No, it's perfectly mad!
Photo #19
I haven't seen anything similar before, it's really cool.
Photo #20
End of the show, we're out of the park. Before we cross the street, we should look left...
Photo #21
... actually, we ought to look right, we're in Britain! Why haven't you remind me??? ;-)
Photo #22
We went down the Baker Street and then the Oxford Street to the Hyde Park. Here you can see some palm trees near to the Speaker's Corner.
Photo #23
And this? Pretty cool, don't you think? It was on the wall of the subway to the Hyde Park.
Photo #24
One glance back before we definitely disapper in the Hyde Park ..
Photo #25
I remember passing this buidling when we were strolling in the Hyde Park about 10 years ago...
Photo #26
And I also remeber this view of another part of Hyde Park.
Photo #27
One of the roads that leads across the Hyde Park. It's actually a bridge...
Photo #28
The Wellington Arch between Hyde Park, Green Park and Buckingham Palace Gardens.
Photo #29
Another closer look and let's go home! :-) I saw this monument again when sitting on the bus -- it was brilliant!
Photo #30