Temporary Home in the College House

It's the first time ever when I really live alone and on my own. It's only a tiny room and a kitchen but I have to look after completely everything. I do the cooking, shopping, washing, household chores and many other boring things. I'm supposed to say that's something very difficult but I can cope with it, believe me or not.

However, when I came to Luton and saw this bloody room (let's call it a cell ;-)), I suddenly felt homesick as ever. I was blaming myself for making a wrong decision to go study abroad. I felt really desperate. You probably can't imagine that if you've never been in same situation. I felt much better after unpacking my luggage and started realising that there's no way back.

After three weeks I can say that it's not that bad. I'm OK although I do not live in a home dreamt of. At least it's close to the university. Let's explore the College House now!

OK, let's start in the Vicarage Street. College House is right in the middle of the photo behind that tree.
Photo #1
Now I'm standing in front of the Business Department of University of Luton. The small building in the middle is called a Chaplaincy. College House is hidden behind.
Photo #2
And this is the entrance to the College House. There's a label with a name you cannot read above to the door to the right. The name is obvious -- College House.
Photo #3
We've just entered the building. On the right there are our mailboxes. Each mailbox is shared by +/- 5 tenants who live in one "flat". It's not actually a flat but only a group of rooms labeled by same letter.
Photo #4
My room, G1, is on the first floor so we have to go upstairs. Let's climb the steps...
Photo #5
Standing on the first floor, we can see door leading to a corridor where my flat is. Let's open the door and turn right.
Photo #6
So, we're standing in the corridor. You can see another door blocking your way. We pass a toilet, bathroom and shower.
Photo #7
Well, this is the toilet we're passing. As many different nationalities are sharing this toilet, it tends to be dirty and smelly.
Photo #8
Behind the door the corridor continues. We stop here for a while because my room is on the left. On the right lives Alexis, a nice Spanish guy.
Photo #9
When you open the door and enter, you'll see my bed with shelves above it. It's not so tidy at the moment... ;-)
Photo #10
That's my working desk by the window. The radiator below the window cannot be turned off so it's always goddamn hot in there.
Photo #11
Let's have a look out the window. As you can see, I've got a beautiful view of a cark park and busy street. In the distance next to that wood, there's the Luton Airport.
Photo #12
A quick look to the right out of the window. It's unfortunately almost the same view as the previous one.
Photo #13
Back in my room, this is a wash basin with a mirror and drinking water tap. That's my favourite place...
Photo #14
We've shifted to the kitchen which is across the corridor. It's not very well furnished and equipped but everyone can survive here.
Photo #15
A fridge opossite the cooker. And that's it I reckon, no other significant place.
Photo #16
Washing basin and its surroundings looks almost the same. You could have noticed minor "upgrades" in equipment...
Photo #17
No comment... But Eero said: "This is gonna be a tough semester..."
Photo #18
Same shelves "furnished" with some food, CDs, DVDs, dictionary and and one Xmas card...
Photo #19
My desk in the corner of the room. Drinks and food are the most important here...
Photo #20
Hehe, what should I say? Yes, you're right, this is my laundry hanged around my room.
Photo #21
This is a view from the corridor -- you can see how the laundry reduces space in the room...
Photo #22
Om bloody hell??? What the **** is that? Someone was having a shover... Really impressive!
Photo #23
Let's just have a closer look. It seems to be a good mirror. :-)
Photo #24
Unfortunately, I had to jump over this puddle. Luckily it was dry the next day.
Photo #25
Typical Friday in College House -- there's nothing to do and I have to leave at nine pm for work...
Photo #26
This is Lychee, one of the IT specialist among us... :-)
Photo #27
Someone is programming, the rest of the group plays computer games. My friend Eero is sitting at the back next to the window...
Photo #28
Ehm, this is not my kitchen, OK? I'm just a visitor...
Photo #29
What a mess!? :-) Do you remeber our clean kitchen? Hopefully yes...
Photo #30
As you can see, the gaming party continues. We take turns in playing arguing who's going next... :-)
Photo #31