The Arndale Shopping Centre

The Arndale Shopping Centre seems to be the only shopping centre in Luton. At least in the city centre. That's probably the reason for its vastness. You can find number of different shops, stores and a market there. Even the post office is located inside. Basicly all the shops that would be normally spread all around the city centre are located in one large building.

As I am a poor student, I don't do the shopping every day. I go to TESCO three times or four times a week to buy food and non-alcoholic drinks. I spend as less as possible buying TESCO labeled products. Each TESCO product is many times cheaper than any of other brands. This way I can survive with 20 pounds per week spent on food.

As soon as I find a job, I'll be spending little more rewarding myself for the hard work I'm doing here. Although I do my best almost every day, I haven't managed to find a job yet. Being skilled as a programmer, I'd like to find any IT-related job. So keep your fingers crossed for me please...

One of many Arndale's entrances. This one is the closest one to the University of Luton, opposite the Saint Mary's Church.
Photo #1
When you enter, you'll only see an escalator. On the left there are two lifts to the main floor, mainly inteded for disabled people.
Photo #2
Now we're on the main floor. If you turned right, you'd get to the market when they sell fruit, vegetable, storage media, jewellery and many more.
Photo #3
We're are roughly in the middle of the corridor now. You can see typical bins and benches where people can sit and rest.
Photo #4
After about fifty meters the corridor turns left. At the corner there's a cafe or what. I've never been there 'cause it must be terribly expensive.
Photo #5
That's the shop opposite the cafe primarily used by young mothers. That's the reason I'll never go there... ;-)
Photo #6
We've just turned the corner to see stairs to higher floor. There's a Vodafone shop on the left I've been to once. I'll probably never pop in again as I bought a Virgin Mobile SIM card.
Photo #7
Now we're approaching to the next corner where the corridor turns right. There's nothing interesting here to describe I'm afraid.
Photo #8
At the corner there's again an elevator for disabled people. Usually you use the escalator to get to the second floor.
Photo #9
If we don't turn right at the corner, we'll get to an another corridor leading us out the shopping centre and the post office.
Photo #10
We can continue down the main corridor passing the TESCO Metro store, my favourite place to do the shopping...
Photo #11
Again few steps further and it the main corridor still doesn't end. It seems neverending to me. And we've got long way to go.
Photo #12
Another place where you can leave Arndale if you turn left...
Photo #13
Just a few steps and you're outside the shopping centre. But we can't leave here, please follow me.
Photo #14
Now you should be able to see the end of the corridor in the distance. Let's get outta here...
Photo #15
Closer and closer to the exit but still not there. Many people are heading the same diretion but it's not the rush hour, trust me.
Photo #16
This is a plan of the Arndale Shopping Centre. Look where are we standing now and get the idea of Arndale's vastness...
Photo #17
Right now we're looking at almost the last exit. Behind us there should be another one. Let's turn right to see the end of the corridor.
Photo #18
Finally, this is the end of the corridor. If you went on, you'd get to some kind of square where the Luton Central Library and the Galaxy are.
Photo #19