Trip to Cambridge

This trip to Cambridge was organised by the University of Luton. We met on Sunday, 25th September, at the Park Square Campus at 8:30 in the morning. Our "university bus" to Cambridge arrived shorly after 8:30. There were no spare seats, it was fully boarded.

After one hour or more we arrived in Cambridge. I tried to have a nap on the bus but it was impossible as usual for me. Tom, our kind of a guide in Cambridge, took us to the Tourist Information Centre in the town. We learned that Cambridge stands for "A bridge over the the river Cam". And that was the only thing Tom told us, then we were on our own...

Yeah, that's us waiting for the bus to come. Few more people arrived lately so this is not the whole crowd.
Photo #1
Same group of people still waiting. You can see that it was rather chilly that day, everyone's wearing trousers and jacket -- "ideal" weather for a trip.
Photo #2
At about ten o'clock we were rushing out of the bus. We had time till 5 o'clock in the afternoon to explore Cambridge.
Photo #3
No we're heading to the town centre. Many people simply left but I was waiting with few more students for Tom to take us to the Information Centre.
Photo #4
And that's Tom, the guy in the red jacket. He gave us some town plans and guides he brought.
Photo #5
Again Tom, now explaining where we are and recommending what places we should visit.
Photo #6
Now we're standing on the bridge over the river Cam. It was possible to hire a boat and explore Cambridge from the river but it was terribly expensive.
Photo #7
Same bridge, different angle of view. The three seemed to be interesting to me, that's it.
Photo #8
Tom's taking us to the town centre. We're now passing some church or whatever.
Photo #9
This is an entrance to the first college we saw. I don't remember the name as there are more than 40 different colleges in Cambridge.
Photo #10
Probably another college, I'm not sure, nobody told us. But it definitely looks nice.
Photo #11
That's the college complex again. It was the first one I saw but I was perfectly amazed. It looked much better than our university in Luton.
Photo #12
Well, here we are... That's the well-known King's College in Cambridge. As you'll see, many colleges are built in this architectonical style.
Photo #13
Again King's College, right now from the second end of the street. We had to go to the back entrance because the front one was closed.
Photo #14
Now we're going to the back entrance to King's College passing another church that looks exactly the same as the first one we saw.
Photo #15
Right next to the King's College is another one. Built in different style but looks really nice.
Photo #16
That's the church tower from the bottom to the top. You can see that it was 10:30 when I took the picture.
Photo #17
This sundial was hidden in a tiny street on a very short tower. Unfortunately the sun wasn't shining...
Photo #18
Right now we're approaching the back entrance the the chapel of King's College. Admission was 3 pounds, can you imagine that?
Photo #19
We were not allowed to take photos in the chapel so this one was taken almost from my pocket.
Photo #20
I managed to take at least one proper photo of the chapel. This place is probably used for prayers, nothing for me.
Photo #21
When we got out from the chapel, we saw a beautiful courtyard with a fountain in the middle.
Photo #22
Still the same courtyard. You can see the building where the lectures take place. I think. On the left there are halls of residence.
Photo #23
Again the courtyard and me. Not a very good picture I think.
Photo #24
In these buildings students usually stay during the term-time. We couldn't get in as it was private.
Photo #25
The building in the middle is either another part of halls of residence or another college.
Photo #26
You can see how did the College Staff look like. I mean the guy on the left-hand side of the photo... :-)
Photo #27
The King's College chapel on the left side of the photo is the most famous building in Cambridge I think. So what do you think?
Photo #28
Almost the same view but notice the lawn. Have you ever seen a nicer one? Maybe in Wimbledon...
Photo #29
Again a bridge over the river Cam. There's a boat driven by one guy and this view reminded me of Venice I've been to a long time ago.
Photo #30
Very old houses on the opposite side of the bridge. Probably another part of the halls of residence.
Photo #31
That's me again, posing on the bridge. :-) Just to prove I've been to Cambridge.
Photo #32
Find ten differences between this and the previous picture... ;-)
Photo #33
Front look on he white building. It might be a student centre or something, I don't know.
Photo #34
A kind of romantic view of the river Cam again. Much nicer than any part of Luton I must say.
Photo #35
Finally, the front side of the King's College chapel. I looks much bigger in real.
Photo #36
Student halls of residence, I presume, from the distance. It looks like a very noble place I reckon.
Photo #37
Another college next to the King's College. If you killed me, I wouldn't be able to tell the its name.
Photo #38
This is the front entrance to the King's College complex, used as an exit.
Photo #39
Back in the streets, strolling to another colleges. You can see another bloody church on your right.
Photo #40
And that's the courtyard of the Trinity College, the second famous one. We didn't go in because of the admission.
Photo #41
Detail of the tower or what in the courtyard. It was striking almost twelve o'clock as you can see.
Photo #42
Another entrance to some kind of college. Unfortunately closed to the public.
Photo #43
Now we're approaching the main entrance to the Trinity College...
Photo #44
The entrance to the Trinity College is on the left, in the middle there is again another different college.
Photo #45
A typical English post box, usually called "pillar box".
Photo #46
Now you can check out how does the Cambridge town centre look like. I think that those yellow spots should be colleges.
Photo #47
This is one of two rotund churches in the UK as I was told by my Estonian friend Eva.
Photo #48
Well, another college. I think this one's the nicest we've been to. Unfortunately, I've spoilt the image as u can see on the right-hand side.
Photo #49
The same college but another building. It really looks amazing...
Photo #50
Again the same college, now you can see the outer face of the building by the river.
Photo #51
And that's the river Cam, I would say Venice...
Photo #52
When we went back to the town center, we saw small square with a fountain in the middle.
Photo #53
I guess that everyone has seen this red phone box before because it's a British typical one.
Photo #54
Now guess where this photo has been taken. I tell you, it's a lounge in the TSB Lloyds Bank in Cambridge. Nice, isn't it?
Photo #55
This is a "exhibit", as written on the label, in front of the Zoological Musem. Unfortunately I do not know what it is.
Photo #56
Another kind of exhibit in front of the same museum we wanted to go.
Photo #57
And that's the museum, unfortunately closed on Sundays. Notice the prehistoric skeleton of some kind of a whale.
Photo #58
More detailed look at the skeleton. It was really fascinating, you cannot imagine that I'm afraid.
Photo #59
This the head of the bloody animal that died probably centuries ago.
Photo #60
Well, now we are in another musem. Again I do not remember the name of it. They were displaying things from all over the world.
Photo #61
Dozens of necklaces made of whale teeth. I can't imagine wearing such a necklace.
Photo #62
Next to necklaces there were some funny figurines, maybe some symbols of anything special.
Photo #63
This is an Eskimo cloke made of seal skin. Looks nice but I'd rather wear an anorak or jacket.
Photo #64
A kayak made of leather, really long one.
Photo #65
Another exhibition case displaying special clothes and accessories.
Photo #66
An Indian suit. What else should I say...
Photo #67
Still the museum, first floor. The room wasn't very big but packed with exhibition cases and various exhibits.
Photo #68
A quick look from the first floor to the second one. You can see some ancient paintings/drawings.
Photo #69
My favourite one! A fancy costume from Nigera, popular in 1930's as written on the label...
Photo #70
This as detailed look at the totem you could see before.
Photo #71
And this is to prove how tall it was. Almost didn't fit the room.
Photo #72
These are special bowl for serving meals. I think that the lower one must have been enough for the whole tribe.
Photo #73
Close look at two canoes. The smaller one seems pretty tiny to me...
Photo #74
I think this image doesn't need any comment. I'm sorry about the light reflection...
Photo #75
And that's the first floor from the second floor. As I said before, full of exhibits.
Photo #76
First floor again from the opposite side of the second floor.
Photo #77
Finally something different! This is The Fitzwilliam Musem in Cambridge. Ii should the most famous one in Cambridge.
Photo #78
Kind of sculpture next to the museum's main entrance. There was no label so I can't tell you the name of it.
Photo #79
Same piece of art from different angle. I liked this exhibit the most in Cambridge.
Photo #80
That's the entrance to The Fitzwilliam Museum, its left side.
Photo #81
Beautiful ceiling in the entrance area.
Photo #82
And that's the musem itself. Again really fascinating, especially the lounge inside. I wasn't allowed to take a picture of it. :-(
Photo #83
Now guess what is in this building...
Photo #84
Yeah, it's a hospital. You should be able to read it from the building's main face.
Photo #85
Another piece of art in front of the Deparment of Engineering, University of Cambridge.
Photo #86
No comment.
Photo #87
And that's the last college we saw in Cambridge, just a few moments before are departure back to Luton.
Photo #88
I couldn't resist to take this picture, I don't know why...
Photo #89