Club LA

Friday the 8th was my lucky day. I went to our university's JobShop and asked for a paper with information on vacancy in a night club. Then I called the manager of that night club introducing myself. He asked me to come at 9:30pm that Friday to his bar to discuss my employment personally. So it was my first step to getting that job...

At about 8:45pm on the same day I left the College House. I had spent approximately 25 walking before I reached the street where the club was supposed to be. But I couldn't find it! I didn't feel very happy about that and I was almost about to leave. I tried the second street and voila, it was there! I short the contact address I had wasn't completely correct.

Then I went in to find the bar completely empty. There were only two eldery ladies behind the bar and three guys staying at the bar. I told one of those ladies who I was and who or what I was looking for. Consequently we both took a seat and started discussing my future part-time job. Meanwhile the club manager and his wife came. They were all delighted that I wanted to start working that night... ;-)

My task is to serve customers, refill stock and clean glasses while the music is beating and guests are having fun (drink). I also use till and accept cash from customers. We do not serve any food, only crisps and peanuts. So working there is slighty easier than in Ferry Boat Inn. And it's neverending when no one wants to be served. And that's it in a nutshell, now check the photos.

OK, that's the main enstance to the Club LA. It doesn't look as night club at all, does it?
Photo #1
When you enter the club, there's long and narrow corridor painted in blue colour. Still not a sign of a bar.
Photo #2
Now it really looks like in a night club. There's a dance floor and DJ at the back. Speakers are on the right and are REALLY huge.
Photo #3
It's about 10:00pm, no customers in. Everything's prepared so we have time for ourselves. Marianne, the bar manager, is gambling. Her husband's standing next to her.
Photo #4
Now you can see the room from the opposite end. Everything still looks the same...
Photo #5
And this is what it looks like when we're working. My mate's solving some problem with a customer right now.
Photo #6
Still the same situation. As you can see, the customers outnumbered my friend. Poor lad... :-)
Photo #7
After one hour after my arrival it's continually very quiet. At least the lights are dimmed and people start coming.
Photo #8
A shot of Southern Conform for 2.50. I would never buy it, it's so expensive. And pint of Guiness costs 3.50... That's insane!
Photo #9
And this is how it looks like when it's pretty busy. You can't even see the DJ as the way is blocked by many people.
Photo #10
Now we are closing, it's probably 2:30 in the morning. We have to really close the bar otherwise people still keep coming...
Photo #11
The clean-up crew starts cleaning the floor. It's pretty messy as you see. I'm cleaning glasses in the meantime.
Photo #12
My job is done. Now I have to wait for a while before I get my wage and we leave all together.
Photo #13
Marianne's husband posing before my camera. I didn't actually want to take a picture of him but I think it looks great now.
Photo #14
OK, while we some time, let's explore the back part of the club, where only the staff are allowed to enter.
Photo #15
This is a so called back bar which is not used very often. They mainly use it for storing drinks and other stuff.
Photo #16
The back bar again, now from the front side. It's much smaller than the primary bar where I work.
Photo #17