University of Luton Welcome Barbecue

This BBQ took place at Saint Mary's Church on Sunday 26th September. We had plenty of other BBQs during last fortnight but this one was the most interesting and important. The reason is that all British, International and other students were there. And it was completely free of charge – another reason why all students came.

Well, the "party" started at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Pupils were chatting in small groups, mainly in groups of same nationality. But there were some exceptions, for example me, as we're only 3 Czech students here. So I was talking with my Slovak friends. ;-)

Then the terrible queueing began. I think that British must be keen on that because they're queueing everyvhere – at post, in bank, in school, at parties, barbecues... When we got to the table with all the sausages and burgers, they ran out of bread. And we were waiting a long time until they brought some. Well, it was for free so I shouldn't complain...

After the "eating session" we were offered to go to the Saint Mary's Church for a welcome ceremony. I shouldn't have gone there. I expected something different but they were talking about God and stuff like that. Luckily I managed to escape after 15 minutes...

So we're here, it's five o'clock in the afternoon. Burgers are not ready yet so we can only chat...
Photo #1
Everything seems to be ready so what's wrong? Why do we have to wait? I'm starving! ;-)
Photo #2
Still nothing. At least you can have a drink. But I was taking these pictures unable to have one.
Photo #3
The crowd becomes bigger and bigger, everyone's came to eat a little. You can see the Saint Mary's Church in the background.
Photo #4
More hungry neck are arriving, food still not ready. I almost squint of hunger...
Photo #5
Finally the dinner's ready! But we have to queue as usual. The queue had at least 10 meters.
Photo #6
I'm almost by the table with all the meat, and possibly bread, looking back at the queue.
Photo #7
Now I see my dinner, it's being prepared. Unluckily, all the burgers have been eaten, only sausages remain. But what can I do?
Photo #8
Howard: "I'm sorry, we've run of all the bread. It's Sunday evening, we probably won't get any. You can take a sausage..."
Photo #9
Yes, and that's the Saint Mary's Church from the other side. It seems to be a typical type of church here in the UK.
Photo #10
Second part of the church. Quite small, don't you think?
Photo #11
Again Saint Mary's Church, now from distance with all those graves and footpath.
Photo #12
And this is the Christian-oriented welcome ceremony. No offence if you're churchgoer but these prayers are not for me.
Photo #13
Another picture from the church during a short break. It's rather blurry 'cause I wasn't able to handle the camera properly for one second.
Photo #14