Other Photos

Purpose of this gallery is to present photos that do not fit in any other galleries. I mean single pictures in which very special moment has been captured. I hope you'll like these...

It's ten o'clock in the morning and I'm going to the Student Centre and see this! And it's only few meters from the College House...
Photo #1
Here you can see how the fallen branch perfectly blocks the whole road. It's amazing I haven't heard anything during the night or morning.
Photo #2
OK, I've just arrived at University of Luton Chaplaincy and I'm pretty bored, so I'm taking pictures...
Photo #3
Then Howard asks me to take pictures of the crowd. Why not? You can see my seat, the one where my jacket and rucksack are.
Photo #4
This is the second part of the crowd as you might have noticed. The guy waving at me is Adam, a very tall student from Hungary.
Photo #5
The crowd once again and hopefully for the last time, now from the place where I was sitting during the movie.
Photo #6
And this is what it looks like when the movie is about to start. Howard has to inform us that we have to leave the building in case the fire alarm goes off.
Photo #7
Well, if the fire alarm goes off, everyone has to leave the university. We've just left...
Photo #8
Have a look at the front rows of the crowd. It's really incredible, they want to go back but they can't! :-)
Photo #9
And what can you see now? I think it's hardly a 1/5 of all the students that had to left the building...
Photo #10
Lovely sky on Thursday afternoon. I captured this beautiful image from our kitchen in college House...
Photo #11
Another afternoon image for those who don't believe that you can see blue sky in the UK...
Photo #12
No comment... :-)
Photo #13
When I got up this Wednesday, I was pretty surprised! I couldn't believe that when I looked out of the window!
Photo #14
Then I went to my kichten and reassured myself again that it wasn't a dream... ;-)
Photo #15
Eventually, I went out to enjoy that incredible snow! We had unbelievable 2 centimeters of it...
Photo #16
As I was walking towards the Uni, snow was crunching under my feet -- what a nice feeling!
Photo #17
Finally, I'm here, standing in front of the Uni, enjoying every single snow flake...
Photo #18
And yes, we're in Luton! Unfortunately, snow melted down by the evening. :-(
Photo #19