International Student Party

International Student Party was organised by the University of Luton. Basicly, it was a kind of a meeting of, or rather a ball for, as many as 300 international students. I'm sure there are more international students studying in Luton but only 300 tickets were available. The party took place at the Vauxhall Leisure Centre on Friday the 29th in October. Smart dress or national costume was recommended...

So I took my best clothes (grey trousers and blue shirt) and that was my national costume. :-) The problem was that many people were actually dressed smartly and I felt like a fool. But I had to cope with that problem, just by ignoring how people were looking at me. And I had only two hours to stay because I was, unluckily, working that night. And that was really sad because I really enjoyed the process of socializing...

Well, I enjoyed free drink and one free portion of Indian food and left at about nine o'clock. I got home, got changed and set out on a way to work. I would prefer staying there, but money is money... :-) Now let's check those few images I've taken.

When I entered the ballroom, I was pretty surprised by those colourful balloons. As we was nearly late, the room was already packed with students.
Photo #1
Second part of the room that was closer the the stage. It's gonna be difficult to find a seat here I'm afraid...
Photo #2
And another view of the ballroom from one of the corners by the stage. You can see that there are still some free seats.
Photo #3
A detail on the queue at the bar. On the right, there is a table we queued to get something to eat -- delicious Indian food in my case.
Photo #4
This is the bar and part of the queue. Over and over, nothing interesting about this photo... :-)
Photo #5
An then, suddenly, people started asking me to take a picture of them. So I did. These are Slovaks with a Czech guy Jakub, the one in the orange shirt.
Photo #6
The same group of students again, now with a flash as the previous one is rather fuzzy.
Photo #7
Another group of Slovak students. And I think this picture is pretty good. I would prefer the non-flash one, but it was extremely blurry.
Photo #8
Same students again but I think this picture si even better! At least Ivana is smiling more... ;-)
Photo #9
OK, from left to right, students sitting at the table #1 are from: Hungary, Poland, Africa, Spain and Slovakia.
Photo #10
It must be boring for you I'm afraid, but all these girls are again and again from Slovakia.
Photo #11
Now you're getting used to it... Some more Slovaks. The one with a pint, and his wife on the left, are one of my best friends here.
Photo #12
Wow, and that's me with another pair of Slovak students. Do you now understand how was I feeling in those clothes?
Photo #13
Finally, change! This is Simar, an Estonian guy, with a black friend. They were pretty drunk and I was told that this image should document that...
Photo #14
Not a very sharp image but at least you can see the process on transforming one half of the ballroom into a dance floor. And this is the moment when I had to leave. :-/
Photo #15