My Flight from Bratislava to Luton

I had a wonderful Easter break back home in Brno. After three weeks of relaxing, meeting friends and doing nothing, I had to go back to Luton to carry on with my studies... :-/

First I took a picture of this plane. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to catch the passengers boarding the plane...
Photo #1
Now the plane is being refuelled. Everyone's aboard ready for the plane to take off.
Photo #2
Finally the plane taxis out to the runway and I have to go back to the departure lounge...
Photo #3
And this is a plane that has just arrived. The one we will fly with to Luton.
Photo #4
Around half past two in the afternoon we are asked to board the plane. So I took it easy... ;-)
Photo #5
Closer and closer... But still not there. :-)
Photo #6
We're almost there... The head on the left hand side is Erika's head -- a Slovak girl I was sitting next to during the flight.
Photo #7
Yes, we're all in. I'm sitting on the right side of the plane as you can see...
Photo #8
Just a glance to the left side of the plane...
Photo #9
My new friend's knees and an emeregency instructions in the seat's pocket.
Photo #10
Let's look outside. Yes, you guessed it right, we're sitting by a right wing of our Boeing 737. :-)
Photo #11
Few minutes after our take-off I took this beautiful image...
Photo #12
When we were a bit higher, we had a nice view of the deep blue sky and clouds below us.
Photo #13
Just another glance down out of the window.
Photo #14
This was the most beautiful view we had during our flight! Unfortunately, it doesn't look that nice on a photograph. :-(
Photo #15
It seems we've just "left" France...
Photo #16
We're probably somwhere in the UK because the plane starts to descend...
Photo #17
And we can see the land again -- but just for a while.
Photo #18
Still clouds, what can we do? Nothing, just wait...
Photo #19
Yes! That's very nice. We can see first buildings, roads, fields, ...
Photo #20
We must be almost there because the houses become bigger and bigger!
Photo #21
Just a few more minutes and we're landing... ;-)
Photo #22
Done, we're at the London Luton airport. That's not our plane, it's just another easyJet...
Photo #23
This is our easyJet! I'm standing below the left wing taking on of the last pictures.
Photo #24
A closer look at one of the aircraft engines. Incredible! Such a small thing and it can make that "big thing" fly...
Photo #25
My last glance back at our Boeing 737 while going to get my luggage...
Photo #26