Journey from Brno to Luton

I have chosen to travel with Student Agency and their coach called London Express. The coach was leaving from bus station Zvonarka in Brno on 11th September 2004. I left Brno at about 9 o'clock in the morning. We picked up some more passengers in Prague and Pilsen, then we went on to Rozvadov. There we had a slight problem with three passengers. German officers wanted them to show their luggage so we spent more than one hour waiting.

After that everything went smoothly. We saw three movies and hot drinks were served on the board. Unfortunately I was sitting on a leather seat so imagine the feeling of being sticky. Later in Calais we had similar troubles as in Rozvadov but it was much worse. One guy was asked to leave the coach so we continued without him. After about 45 minutes in the Eurotunnel we finaly arrived in Great Britain.

Next day at 6 o'clock in the morning I was standing alone at Greenline Coach Station. My bus to Luton was leaving at 7:30. I arrived at the bus station in Luton at abour 8:45...

This bunch of Vitamin C candies and small elephat I was given in the evening before my departure. Now the elephants reminds me of Brno every night when I go to bed and those sweets help me protect myself against various illnesses.
Photo #1
This is Blanka, my girl-friend, ready to accompany myself to Zvonarka coach station on the day of my departure.
Photo #2
And finally our coach. Its yellow colour looks pretty, what do you think? You can se my mother chating with Blanka just a few moments before my departure.
Photo #3
As I said before, we spent a long time waiting in Rozvadov. This is the one of those moments...
Photo #4
Still waiting after more than an hour. Same place but the picture was taken from a different angle.
Photo #5
Again our coach. Right now we are waiting in Calais for our train to Great Britain.
Photo #6
Kind of local duty free shop or what. Still in Calais.
Photo #7
Calais once again. I just wanted to test my new camera so I took another night picture using my lovely tripod.
Photo #8
Well, that is the train. You can se our yellow bus behind the door. Let's have a closer look...
Photo #9
OK, that is it, our bus standing in the train. Everyone was sitting in but I could not stand the smell... :-)
Photo #10
Yes, the coach fits perfectly. You can hardly walk between the bus and the train's walls.
Photo #11