Trip to Oxford

This trip to Oxford was organised by University of Luton Student Union (ULSU). I bought a ticket for 8.50 more than a week in advance. We were leaving from Vicarage Street on Sunday, 16th October, at 9 nine o'clock in the morning.

As I was working till 3:30am and got to bed at 4 o'clock in the morning, I didn't feel like getting up. But I managed to get up and caught the bus. But there was no guide that was supposed to be there. The bus driver was perfecly desperate because he was expecting someone to come. He didn't have any instructions, neither had the crowd.

After 20 minutes of waiting we had decided to leave without the guide. During the journey to Oxford the bus driver was trying to find out where the problem was and what should he do with us. Then he simply dropped as at Oxford Bus Park and announced that we we're leaving at 4:00pm. We had some 5 hours to explore the town and then return back to the Bus Park...

I was the last one to enter the bus thus I had to sit behind the steering wheel. It feels like I was the driver... :-)
Photo #1
Few minutes past 11 in the morning, we're leaving the bus. By the way that's the Bus Park.
Photo #2
We all went to the town centre, than we dispersed all around it. This ought to be the beginning of the town centre.
Photo #3
We're closer and closer to the town centre. The building in the middle is again a branch of the TSB Lloyds Bank.
Photo #4
At the crossroads we (one Hungarian guy and me) turned right and went a kind of church or what. It's not the building in the picture, you can see it further.
Photo #5
Yes, now we're heading to the church... Or is it not a church? Who knows...
Photo #6
But before we come to the church, we should check this old posting box. I was again amazed by this one. :-)
Photo #7
It should be a church, that's the main entrance. We we're not allowed to go in for free so we carried on down the road.
Photo #8
This is a street with lovely houses opposite the entrance. It looked much better in real, trust me.
Photo #9
A photo taken from the entrance to that church complex. It seems that they have a fountain in the middle of the courtyard.
Photo #10
We used another entrance to get into adjoining park to that church complex. You can see some of my friends posing before a camera.
Photo #11
OK, let's go on further to explore the adjoining park of the church complex...
Photo #12
After few metres we again saw a very nice building. This should be the second entrance to the church complex I think.
Photo #13
Further on there was a big field with several pitches (for football?) and behind that you could see another lovely building.
Photo #14
Few paces further we had a nice view of the church. Before I took the picture, there was a squirrel playing on the lawn.
Photo #15
As you can see, we chose a muddy path to follow. But lately we were rewarded for that, you'll see.
Photo #16
Still the same dirty foothpath and we still can't see a thing! :-) OK, now it's coming...
Photo #17
We're standing right next to another church or chapel or whatever it is. But that wasn't the best part...
Photo #18
It was this house made of stones. Such a beauty, don't you think? Over and over the image can't perfectly express the impression I had.
Photo #19
Out of the muddy foothpath into a street "full" of cars. There's nothing really interesting about this view.
Photo #20
This is better, again house made of stone. I really liked that style, I don't know why...
Photo #21
Wow, this was again marvellous! I could't help admiring almost every single building I passed.
Photo #22
This lane suprised us again, few second after the last sensation. Sadly, the image is not as good as I would wish.
Photo #23
We're approaching another magnificent building. It reminds me of one that I saw in Cambridge.
Photo #24
And that's it? Do you know what building from Cambridge I mean? Only the shape and style maybe are similar, nothing else.
Photo #25
I can't understand that... Why the hell am I taking a picture of a church again? Or is it a chapel? :-)
Photo #26
This is definitely a church tower. It seems that there must be hundreds of churches in Oxford.
Photo #27
Opposite the previous tower there was an entrance to a Botanical Garden of Oxford.
Photo #28
Next to the entrance you can see another nice buildings. I must be mad, I like almost every house.
Photo #29
Kind of a hedge maze in front of those buildings. If I remember it correctly, it has been dedicated to those who discovered penicilin.
Photo #30
Well, we actually didn't go as they wanted us to pay. :-) At least we could have a look at the garden from the entrance gate.
Photo #31
Still standing at the gate but looking slightly right. It was a beautiful view, very colourful, not like this picture.
Photo #32
We went on traversing a bridge. The river below us was full of punts as it was in Cambridge before.
Photo #33
This is another fleet of the river and now it feels like in a jungle rather than in a town.
Photo #34
We're almost out of the map we had when exploring Oxford. It's not actually a town centre but more rural part.
Photo #35
Another interesting building covered with some kind of plant. If it's ivy, do not stone me to death, I'm not good at distinguishing plants.
Photo #36
And this is how it looked from the distance. Really nice, I'd like to live in such a "plant house"... ;-)
Photo #37
This is probably an old fountain or what, standing in the middle of a street, next to a roundabout.
Photo #38
Oh, my beloved ducks... I couldn't resist to take a picture of it. It's a lovely animal, isn't it?
Photo #39
OK, we're going back to the town centre, passing the same rounabout and kind of fountain (if it's a fountain).
Photo #40
When we were crossing the bridge again, I got an idea to take a picture of it's mossy stones. It really doesn't look like a bridge.
Photo #41
Well, this is some Oxford college, I'm not actually sure about the name, it might have been the Trinity College. A lovely place to study...
Photo #42
We didn't know what this was but it was perfectly amazing. There were some animals feeding on the grass while we were there.
Photo #43
An adjoining building to that kind of park or garden. It's probably student accommodation, but we there was actually no sign of it.
Photo #44
Old houses in St. Gross Road. NOthing interesting at all.
Photo #45
Another lovely lane, don't you think. It must be really nice to live in one of those houses. In addition it was very quiet lane.
Photo #46
Now we're passing some college/university buildings. It's really interesting that all colleges here has been built in this style.
Photo #47
Detail on one part of that magnificent building. I'd really like to study in one of these places...
Photo #48
OK, stop dreaming and continue down the lane. I'll be repeating myself but it's a very nice lane.
Photo #49
And here I can prove that. Such a beautiful tree in the middle of an ordinary street.
Photo #50
The space around that tree was incredibly clean, without any rubbish, I couldn't beleive that.
Photo #51
Finally we reached the end of the lane and we're standing closer to the town centre. This building is definitely a part of the Oxford University.
Photo #52
This building is again a part of the Oxford University. Quite a different one from those we've seen so far.
Photo #53
We both (the Hungarian guy and me) felt very cold thus we went to a tiny bookshop. But it was many times bigger than we had expected.
Photo #54
We're still in the bookshop, on the first floor. We were kindly surprised that there was a cafe in that bookshop. This can't happen in my contry, I mean in an ordinary bookshop.
Photo #55
Another detail on the cafe just to allow you to get a better idea of what it looked like.
Photo #56
And here is the proof that it really was in a bookshop. On the right hand side there are some shelves with new book titles.
Photo #57
Next College on the way to the town centre. Access denied to public, unfortunately. Actually allowed for a small sum of money. :-)
Photo #58
Well and this is the best NOKIA shop I've ever seen! Can you imagine that? Such an old shell and NOKIA shop in it... Very good idea!
Photo #59
This seemed to be the main campus in Oxford. I'm sorry, I forgot the name of that street, hope you don't minde.
Photo #60
Kind of expensive hotel opposite the town gallery. We went pass this hotel when arriving in Oxford.
Photo #61
Another monument standing between two roads. But this one was attached to a small cemetery which cannot be seen from this point of view.
Photo #62
Nice pub in a quiet part of the town. And then I was told it was a gay club because of the flag on it. OK, might be...
Photo #63
Church tower over and over. I don't know why I took a picture of this one. There's nothing anusual about it.
Photo #64
But this "tree house" i find very unusual. I was unable to fit all the building in the picture but you should have the idea.
Photo #65
Sorry for that, but there's another church in this picture. People from Oxford must be obsessed by going to churches.
Photo #66
A drive to some flats in a lovely autumn period in Oxford. It's very neat again (if you don't take leaves into an account).
Photo #67